Raïssa Bump Subscription

Enjoy the surprise, delight and convenience of a curated group of stand-out earrings, while also supporting a working artist.

Start collecting today. give the gift that keeps on giving.

Having made thousands of earrings, ranging from tiny studs to elaborate dangles, Raïssa opens her expertise to an intimate group for a subscription like no other.


Why Subscribe?


Great value for your money

“Quality, style, and originality cannot be beat for the price!” -Micah

 “I knew that I was getting bargain because the subscription price was discounted. Each pair was distinctive (and well constructed).” -Sally

“I had not done this before and was unsure what I would do if I was not fond of something that I received. This was not a problem since I loved everything.” ‘Linda

“The diversity, elegance, craftsmanship, and fun of each of Raïssa's earrings make it a joy to wear them. They feel so good to wear and always look great!” -Caitlin


SUrprise & delight guaranteed

 “I’d never done anything like this before—letting someone pick something that I’d like for the pleasure of being surprised by her choice. I was a little hesitant but decided to give it a try. What fun! I found that I really enjoyed the element of surprise.” -Sally

“Each time, I was so pleasantly surprised to receive my beautifully packaged box, note and then - the amazing earrings inside of those packages.” -Rachael

“Thank you so much for this wonderful trio of surprises! Most importantly, they remind me of my amazing sister-in-law, who knew that a little surprise and a lot of artistry would make my day — not just once but three times.” -Launa

“The total surprise of what I would receive was the best part!” -Linda

“Raïssa manages to craft something so unique, special and beautiful every single month.  No pieces are alike yet every piece ends up being perfect.” -Shawn

“Each month I loved the surprise, and the cohesive variations.” -Jon


The gift that keeps on giving

 “I was SO surprised and excited to receive the earring subscription for a holiday last year. I would highly recommend this subscription, as it's such an unique and fantastic gift - the gift that keeps on giving.” -Rachael

“It’s truly one of the best gifts that I’ve given my wife in a long time.  I’ve gotten a lot of points out of it :)” -Shawn

“I liked the process of considering whom in my life I wanted to gift special pairs of earrings.” -Veva

“My interest was to have gifts for the year for all the woman that are dear to me. Earrings went to family, friends and mentors. One unexpected joy was the percentage the were given without any reason other then letting one know I was thinking about them.” -Jon

“It felt wonderful to be able to gift creative options where my wife could choose the style/selections that most struck her.” -Micah


a collection is grown

“The subscription was fun and a great way to develop a collection of Raïssa earrings.” Linda

“I love growing a collection of one artist's work. And I can think of no better jeweler to choose than Raïssa.”

“Without a doubt I feel exquisitely dressed when I wear one or more pieces from my growing collection of Raïssa’s jewelry. Whether it is a special event or a day about town I can count on feeling distinguished, feminine and celebrated!” -Kerry