SALLY, Baltimore

“I had never done anything like this before—let someone pick something that I would like for the pleasure of being surprised by her choice. I was a little hesitant but decided to give it a try. What fun!!

1. I knew that I was getting bargain because the subscription price was discounted.
2. I had purchased several of Raïssa’s pieces over the years and liked the body of work.
3. I found that I really enjoyed the element of surprise.
4. Each pair was distinctive (and well constructed). 

5. It felt like a real indulgence—at a reasonable price.

Looking forward to what comes next.”


RACHAEL, Charlottesville

“I was SO surprised and excited to receive the earring subscription for a holiday last year from my husband! I don't even think I understood just HOW great it would be to have these special gifts delivered throughout the year. Each time, I was so pleasantly surprised to receive my beautifully packaged box and note and then - the amazing earrings made by none other than the amazing Raïssa inside of those packages. I've barely touched any of my other earrings all year, because it's so much fun to have fabulous new ones to wear all the time. I would highly recommend this subscription, as it's such an unique and fantastic gift - the gift that keeps on giving. I love all of my new earrings and get so many compliments on them all! Thank you, Raissa, for coming up with this awesome idea!”

launa, brooklyn

“I’m so glad to have the chance to tell you how much I loved the three-month subscription of original, beautiful earrings. First, I was delighted to find a tantalizing description of my subscription under the Christmas tree. There’s nothing better than anticipation, and the sweet little box that said “Something’s coming” made sure my holiday would extend well past Boxing Day. 

The gift was from my sister-in-law, and her impeccable taste led her to you. I knew I would be receiving something special and surprising each month. 

The first month I opened the box to receive delicate hoops, layered inside one another like Saturn’s rings and beaded in tiny drops. They were nested in a tiny mailing box and arrived in the mail on a snowy day in winter. I wore them all the next week, garnering compliments all the while. 

I loved all three pairs but my favorite were the glowing discs than hang like tiny glinting mirrors below my ears. I’m a musician, and I love to wear them for gigs because they combine the perfect amount of sparkle with a downtown vibe — as if someone had coated an antique silver mirror with a swipe of gold leaf. Nine months later they are my obvious go-to when I want to elevate a moto jacket or make a little black dress look a lot more funky. 

Thank you so much for this wonderful trio of surprises! I am so grateful to have Raissa Bump earrings in my life. Most importantly, they remind me of my amazing sister-in-law, who knew that a little surprise and a lot of artistry would make my day — not just once but three times.”


SHAWN, Charlottesville

“I think the surprise and suspense is my favorite part. When the package comes in the mail, the whole family gathers around with anticipation about what incredible creation might be inside. It’s really an exciting event and it keeps happening every month!”

I’d absolutely recommend this subscription! It’s truly one of the best gifts that I’ve given my wife in a long time. I’ve gotten a lot of points out of it :)

“I guess I shouldn’t be this surprised but it is amazing to me that Raïssa manages to craft something so unique and special and beautiful every single month. No pieces are alike yet every piece ends up being perfect and exactly what my wife likes. She has a gift!!!”



Veva, petaluma

"Often I tell people about this subscription when they compliment me on my Raïssa earrings. I think it’s a great way to indulge oneself and others by gifting something special. I liked the process of considering whom in my life I wanted to gift a special pair of earrings. It felt good to be thinking of my friends' birthdays ahead of time and choosing something for them that they don’t have the space to think about for themselves with careers and kids and partners to keep them occupied. I felt like I was honoring our friendship and what they mean to me by choosing to share the joy of Raïssa earrings with them."


"When I wear my Raïssa earrings I often hear people remarking about how beautiful, simple, unique and elegant my earrings are. I feel good putting something on my body that creatively sparks me and I feel happy to see them on myself."

caitlin, pittsburg

“Receiving a special package each month is such a treat! I love growing a collection of one artist's work. And I can think of no better jeweler to choose than Raïssa.”

“Choosing which Raïssa earrings to wear each morning is one of the highlights of my day! As someone who often has to wear a shapeless uniform for work, I appreciate having them to help me individualize each day and to stand out. The diversity, elegance, craftsmanship, and fun of each of her earrings make t a joy to wear them. They feel so good and always look great!”

“I'm so happy to support such a gifted artist who is running her business in her own thoughtful and conscientious way. Gifting Raïssa jewelry is my favorite way to show my love of, and support for, Raïssa and her exquisite work. And everyone who been given her jewelry loves it!”



Jonathan, san francisco

“I had no hesitations to signing up.  My interest was to have gifts for the year for all the woman that are dear to me. They went to my family, friends and mentors. Some were sent off right away, others I would hold for a special occasion. One unexpected joy was the percentage the were given without any reason other then letting one know I was thinking about them. Then it was not so bad if I forgot a birthday or holiday that year!”

“Each month it was as much a gift for me, as it was for the one to receive it. I loved the surprise, and the cohesive variations.  The earrings have such personalities of their own, it was such fun to let them tell me who they would be for. Each pair came gift wrapped and ready, making it easy to send off without additional effort.”

The unknown and the surprise of what I was receiving was what I liked the best.

“It’s a nice feeling to support an individual, one dedicated to her work. This is an investment in a body of work that is handmade, fully considered with quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.”

Anna, san francisco

I've enjoy a strengthened confidence when wearing Raïssa’s jewelry.

“The fine materials take life and form in intricate designs that add a dynamic sparkle and beauty to any occasion. Besides, they make for great talking pieces!”



micah, washington DC

“I think the biggest hesitation I have when gifting jewelry is whether the recipient will like what is selected. Choosing jewelry is very personal so gifting isn't always easy. This subscription mitigates the risk of choosing something that won't get worn. The recipient, my beautiful wife in my case, got to hone in on the exact styles/selections that she liked while I was able to gift an overall approach and aesthetic that allowed her to make that choice. That made this an exciting gift.”

“I liked the flexibility and monthly surprise to see what was selected. I’d recommend this subscription to someone else because the quality, style, and originality can't be beat for the price.