“Gifting Raïssa jewelry is my favorite way to show my love of, and support for, Raïssa and her exquisite work. And everyone who been given her jewelry loves it! I'm so happy to support such a gifted artist who is running her business in her own thoughtful and conscientious way.” -caitlin

“Each month it was as much a gift for me, as it was for the one to receive it. I loved the surprise, and the cohesive variations.  The earrings have such personalities of there own, it was such fun to let them tell me who they would be for. Each pair came gift wrapped and ready, making it easy to send off without additional effort.” -Jonathan

"I think there's an art to gift giving. Often I tell people about this subscription when they compliment me on my Raïssa earrings. I think it’s a great way to indulge oneself and others by gifting something special. I liked the process of considering whom in my life I wanted to gift a special pair of earrings. It felt good to be thinking of my friends' birthdays ahead of time and choosing something for them that they don’t have the space to think about for themselves with careers and kids and partners to keep them occupied. I felt like I was honoring our friendship and what they mean to me by choosing to share the joy of Raïssa earrings with them." - VEVA